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2 December, 2016

World’s Top 10 Best Burgers

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Is it in America? Is it in Germany? Where do the Best Burgers come from?!

The Hamburger is probably most often associated with the USA. This is no surprise as it has become somewhat of a staple in that great nation. However, the story of the creation of the Hamburger (one of many stories) is that the Hamburger was brought to America by German immigrants from (surprise, surprise) Hamburg in the early years of the 20th Century. As a result you would expect the best burgers to come from  either America or Germany right?

Well, in this list we have made our selection of the World’s Top 10 Best Burgers taken from recommendations by our Community…and we’ll let you decide if the Americans or Germans make the best burgers…or dare we say one of the other nations?! You might be surprised where some of these juicy burgers come from!

As always, in no particular order:

1. Buns – Berlin, Germany

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Buns, via Facebook.

Let’s start with a German contender.

The delicious Buns Mobile in Berlin makes a mean, mean burger! With the meat sourced from Brandenburg, and only using fresh, seasonal ingredients, Buns are definitely one of the best burgers in Berlin! Everything is hand made to perfection and the meat is cooked just right so you can taste the delicious meat! Even better, it’s from a food truck! Who doesn’t love a food truck? Don’t forget the hot sauce!

2. O Talho – Lisbon, Portugal

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © O Talho, via Facebook.


O Talho are dedicated exclusively to perfecting the art of cooking meat. Therefore their burger packs a punch in terms of the quality and taste of their patty. It is also cooked to perfection! It’s a science for them you know! Just look at that patty above…enough said.

3. Gott’s – St Helena, California, USA

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Gott’s Roadside, via Facebook.

This Roadside stand near Napa is the epitome of the American diner experience. Their burgers are deliciously juicy and must be washed down with one of their thick shakes or malts. Their Garlic Fries are also to die for…but perhaps not the best thing to eat before the car trip back to San Francisco if you are the only one eating them!

The perfect stop-over to enjoy the California sun and some American food on the drive between Napa and San Francisco, they also have some great other additions to their menu which sets them FAR above your average drive-through – Think Ahi tuna Burger and locally sourced Napa Wine. These twists on the drive-through, and their kick-ass burger  and fries secures them their place on our list of Top 10 Best Burgers in the World!

(The image at the top of this article is their burger if you were wondering what it looked like…we just wanted to show you how awesome this old school establishment is here!)

4. Meat Liquor – London, UK

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Meat Liquor, via Facebook.

Located in a dark restaurant in Marylebone, their slogan is: ‘Come Hungry, Leave Drunk’. If you don’t get it from that, their name pretty much says it all-they serve meat, and they serve liquor…and they do both to perfection!

Their burgers are not overwhelmingly big, yet still manage pack a punch in terms of taste-it’s quality, not quantity! A side of fries will probably be welcomed by those with a big appetite. AND of course all of this is best washed down with one of their delicious cocktails!  If you are in the area and craving a burger but don’t have time to sit down, head to their take out shop in Covent Garden, Meat Market, for a quick bite! Don’t you dare head to Mcdonald’s!

5. Hamburger Foundation – Geneva, Switzerland

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © The Hamburger Foundation, via Facebook.

Burgers + Switzerland = ? in most people’s mind, but think about it…Switzerland is famous for cows eating grass on the mountain side (amazing patty), cheese (obviously! Best cheese in the world perhaps?!) and they make some great bread too. Result? A really juicy and delicious burger!

The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva tapped into their knowledge of the great produce their country has to offer and, after spending a few years in the USA learning the art of the burger, they took what they learnt, fused it with Swiss products and have created perhaps the best Burger Geneva has to offer! Therefore it had to be on our Top 10 Best Burgers in the World! Oh the Swiss and their perfection…

6. BBI – Berlin, Germany

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © BBI, via Facebook.

Go hungry is all we can say!mThis tiny little store in Neukölln makes a BIG burger! The patties are very thin, so as to allow lots of other yummy fillings, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in flavour. On the contrary, it’s great!

We recommend skipping the fries (it might be a bit of an overkill here) although they are pretty damn good. Here there is both quantity AND quality! Why not take your burger to go and walk a bit further up Pannierstrasse to the Maybachufer/Paul-Linke Ufer to enjoy your burger in peace.

Note: Burger may require dismantling to avoid embarrassing burger face.

7. Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burger – San Francisco, California, USA

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burger, via Facebook.

Delicious 100% ground pork belly, made into a patty and seared to perfection…need we go on? Their classic is a patty (either the pork, chicken or veggie-go in a group and get one of each to experience the full taste explosion!) with fried chili pepper aioli tomatillo relish and cotija cheese. This is a seriously glorified burger! The list goes on and gets more and more elaborate, and this is why it has made it on our list of the Top 10 Best Burgers in the World!

8. Burgerz – Schveningen, Netherlands

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Burgerz, via Facebook.

Fresh and Pure are the keywords here! Not to mention responsible. Everything is made in house daily from the patty down to the sauces so you can be sure they are 100% top quality burgers! The meat is made from quality livestock, purchased from sustainable farms and made into patties in an artisan way. The buns might not be made in the shop, but are baked in local bakers, so a little bit goes back to the local community!

Go pure with one of their yummy cheeseburgers, or try one of their other inventive creations! There are also great vegan and vegetarian options also created to the same standard for those who want to be a bit healthier. Want one more reason to head down? For once this is a burger that is actually 100% healthy for you! With such top quality ingredients and no flavourings, colourings or frozen products, just good natural food (as if you bought all the fresh ingredients from the best producers and made it at home…and baked your own bread kind of healthy good) so don’t feel bad about indulging…go on, you know you want to!

9. PNY – Paris, France

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © PNY, via Facebook.

One of our Ambassadors said this was the best burger he has ever had! All the ingredients are always fresh with special attention to the meat sourced from artisan producers. The place is always super busy both due to it’s popularity, and because each Burger is made from scratch upon ordering (hence why there can be a 15 minute wait for your food when it’s busy!). All we can say is, this is definitely not your average burger! Actually they don’t serve normal burgers- their burgers all come with extra toppings to various themes such as the Indochine Mon Amour or The Return of the Cowboy. So if you are in Paris and the French food isn’t really flying, you can quash that craving for some good old ‘murican here! Get ready to have one of the best burgers in your life!

10. Flippin’ Burgers – Stockholm, Sweden

Top 10 Best Burgers in the World

Image: © Flippin’ Burgers, via Facebook.

And finally, our 10th burger on our Top 10 Best Burgers in the World list comes from Sweden!

We put Jon Widegren’s creation on our list because of the great story of how it came about. Similar to that of The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva, Widegren decided that Sweden needed a quality Burger joint…and that he has created! He spent a few weeks in America also learning the art of the burger ,and returned to Stockholm opening a burger joint which takes the essentials of the American Burger and fuses it with Scandinavian design (clearly this isn’t just applicable for furniture!) and top quality Swedish produce, with meat sourced organically and  freshly baked bread. This delicious burger joint in Stockholm opposite the Karlberg Castle rightly earns its title as Sweden’s Best Burger!

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