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1 January, 2017

Ravioli Stuffed Burgers

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Stuffed burgers are always a popular summertime treat, especially if the filling is some sort of ozzy cheese.

But filling a bunch of burgers with a cheese mixture can get tedious, especially if you are talking about mini burgers! Using a nice cheese-filled ravioli really fixes this issue. You can get these guys assembled in 15 minutes or so.

These ravioli-stuffed sliders are a fun and unique twist on the cheese-stuffed burger that everyone is sure to love!

The sauce on these burgers is a combination of a hearty tomato sauce and ketchup, with some nice caramelized onion flavor in there. Two onions may seem like a lot, but we are going to cook them way down.

ravioli slider - cook ravioli
While the onions brown, start on the burgers. First step is to cook the ravioli according to the package instructions.

ravioli slider

Flatten out the meat, then wrap it around one of the ravioli. Try and do a decent job getting the air out and really sealing the meat to the pasta, but you don’t need to go crazy. Some pasta sticking out is ok.
Ravioli slider

One the onions are completely brown and have cooked down, add in garlic, diced tomatoes and ketchup. Stir ingredients together until smooth.
ravioli slider

Put those burgers on the grill.
ravioli slider
Lastly, a little sauce on each one before serving.

ready to eat ravioli slider
When you take a bite, all the cheese comes oozing out from the center of the burger! As good as the burgers are though, the caramelized onion ketchup-sauce is a real unsung hero in this recipe.

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