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21 April, 2017

He Paid For His Brother’s Honeymoon. Weeks Later, Gets Incredible Surprise…

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Jack Reid of Toronto, Canada received the ultimate payback Thursday after taking money from his own savings to pay for his brother and his new wife’s honeymoon.

Always one to put family first, Jack Reid has a reputation for his thoughtfulness and acts of kindness. He’s always had a great relationship with his brother to the point that they beyond being related they regard each other as best friends too.

So it came as a shock when he discovered that brother Mark, who was working two jobs to make ends meet, couldn’t afford to pay for a honeymoon after marrying his fiancé. Heartbroken, Jack knew there was only one real option – to finance their trip from his own pocket.

“When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you,” Jack says. “Money can be replaced, but there’s nothing more valuable than the happiness of friends and family!”

A heartwarming gesture for sure, but one he definitely never expected to be repaid for. Until… Returning from their honeymoon two weeks, something extraordinary happened when Mark won an online jackpot.

“I just couldn’t believe it at first,” Mark said. “I figured it was some fake casino and I’d lose all my spins instantly. It wasn’t until I checked my online statement the next evening that I knew it was real.”

But his story doesn’t end here. Soon after collecting the winnings, Mark and his new wife took a visit to his brother at his work at a hardware store to repay the one person that had made everything possible. It was there at his workplace, that sealed in an envelope full of photos of the honeymoon that Mark had hidden a cheque written out to his brother for $50,000.

His brother was beyond shocked. “I can’t believe how quickly things change,” Jack said. “One minute he’s struggling to pay the bills, and the next there’s $300,000 sitting in my brother’s bank account. There’s no one more deserving than him.”

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